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Roberto Jimenez Senior editor

Power Article Rewriter allows you to create automatically a code to have different articles in order to make your article unique. You will have the chance to rewrite the same article as many times as you wish.

Instructions: You have to open the document you want to work. Select a piece of text you wish to rewrite by clicking and dragging the mouse.
The selected text will be highlighted and it will appear in the upper box. Click in the upper box and press ENTER at the end of the sentence to write another variation. You will see the text enclosed by curly brackets in the article with a different color, and each variation will be separated by pipe symbols. In order to have a distinctive output article you have to enter as many variations of text as you can. After creating the variations of the words, sentences or paragraphs, you will be able to create variations within the variations (this is called nested variation) by selecting the part you want to rewrite and enter the variation. When the software finds a synonym available for the word or phrase you have selected, it will display it in the box upper right of the main window. Click on the synonyms you wish to add as a variation. Each level of nested variation will have a different color. If you click in the button "Apply to All" the software will look all document for the words you selected to make the same changes of the variation. The most important thing is that the variations are made by us, not by the computer, so they will not sound computerized. After finishing all the variations you have to click the "Rewrite" button and you will see the Rewrite window with the article with the variations you entered earlier. You can rewrite it again to see more versions of variations, copy to clipboard, and generate and save many unique versions of your article.

Before downloading the software you have to go to home URL and write down your name and email in order to receive the activation key to run the program. The activation key will be sent to you by email (try key is only valid for one installation). The trial version will work only for 15 days.


  • You can create unique articles, copy to clipboard, and save different versions.


  • Free version works only for 15 days.

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